VIVA Token

$VIVA is the utility and governance token of the platform.
As a utility token, $VIVA can be staked for other Vite-native assets.
As a governance token (not live yet), $VIVA can be used to create proposals and vote on proposals in the future.

The tokenomics of $VIVA is as follows:

Total maximum supply of 1 billion tokens

Emission schedule:

Year 1: 500 million tokens
Year 2: 250 million tokens
Year 3: 125 million tokens
Year 4: 62.5 million tokens (after 4 years, ~97% will have been distributed)
… emission halves each year
Tokens are distributed daily to all stakers, proportional to the value of their stakes

Team Reserve

15% of the total amount of $VIVA emitted goes to the team reserve to ensure continuous development and operations of the platform. The remaining 85% goes to the public as rewards.
The team reserve strictly follows the emission schedule. With each distribution, 15% of the $VIVA emitted goes to the team reserve.